Terms of service

  1. General Conditions

    1. The conditions of use of the online shop (“the Conditions”) are applied to all the legal relationships, product (“the Service”) offers, orders, and sales transactions concluded between a user of the online shop (“the Customer”) and the owner of the online shop 99.myspotit.com (“the Online Shop”), Spotit OÜ (“Spotit”), registry code 14459937.
    2. Furthermore, the legislations in force in the Republic of Estonia regulate the legal relationships arising in the course of using the Online Shop.
    3. Spotit may amend the Conditions at any time. The amendments to the Conditions shall be disclosed on the webpage 99.myspotit.com and enforced immediately after disclosure. By using the Online Shop and placing an order via the Shop, the Customer confirms that he or she consents to the Conditions.
  2. Prices

    1. The prices of the Online Shop are in euros and include VAT in force in Estonia (20%).
    2. Spotit may change the prices in the Online Shop at any time. All changes shall be disclosed on the webpage 99.myspotit.com and enforced immediately after disclosure.
    3. If a Customer has placed an order prior to the disclosure of a price change, the Customer shall be applied the price valid at the moment of making the purchase.
  3. Placing an Order and Conditions of Payment

    1. To place an order, choose the Online Shop service, enter the requested data, and push the button “Purchase a monthly pass”.
    2. When placing an order, the Customer is obliged to submit his or her data—name, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card number, period of validity, and CVC number.
    3. It is possible to choose credit card payment as the payment method in placing an order in the Online Shop. We accept the following credit cards: VisaCard and MasterCard/EuroCard. Upon order confirmation, the Customer shall pay 100% of the product price. The transaction currency is Euro.
    4. The Contract is concluded from the moment the payment has reached the Stripe account of the payment platform, and Spotit OÜ has a respective confirmation.
  4. Copyright 

    1. The content of the Online Shop, including texts, graphics, logos, pictures, and videos are protected by copyright, which belongs to Spotit as a whole.
    2. It is prohibited to reproduce, copy, alter, or use the content protected by copyright outlined in Point in any other way without a reference to Spotit.
  5. Use and Protection of Personal Data

    1. The Customer shall give a consent to Spotit to process his or her personal data.

The data entered by the Customer upon placing an order shall be stored by Spotit with the purpose of fulfilling the order of the Service placed by the Customer and to improve the service provided to the Customer by Spotit.
    2. The personal data to be registered include data on the order of the Customer—customer name, company name (if applicable), address, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card number, period of validity, and details of the selected Service.
    3. Personal data protection is guaranteed by all the security measures emanating from the law.
    4. Spotit shall not transmit registered personal data to third persons, except in cases described in Point 5.6 and prescribed by the law.
    5. The Customer has the right to check the personal data pertaining to him or her and to request to change the data or to remove his or her personal data from the database.
    6. Spotit is the data controller of personal data. Spotit shall forward the personal data necessary to process a payment to Stripe, which is the data processor.
    7. Upon the Customer’s consent, Spotit may send sales offers, newsletters, surveys, and other announcements to the Customer to the e-mail address of the Customer submitted when placing the order. The purchaser can unsubscribe from the offers and newsletters at any time, requesting it via e-mail or following the instructions provided in the e-mail which contains offers.
  6. Responsibility and Force Majeure

    1. The Parties are relieved from the execution of the obligations emanating from the contract and connected with it, either partially or fully, if it is obstructed by force majeure, whereas the parties are obliged to take all measures to avoid causing damages to the other party and to ensure the execution of the contract as much as possible. The presence of force majeure shall be proven by the party who decides to refer to the given circumstance as a reason to be relieved from the responsibility emanating from the law and/or stipulated in the contract for the non-execution or incomplete execution of the obligations undertaken by the contract. In the context of the contract, force majeure is not a change in the economic situation, poor weather conditions, price increase, holiday, bankruptcy, a bankruptcy caution, or interlocutory proceedings.
    2. Any responsibilities of Spotit are limited to the cost of the Service.
  7. Applicable Law

    1. The Estonian law is applied to the Conditions.
    2. All disputes between the Customer and Spotit shall be solved via negotiations. If no compromise is reached, the Customer has the right to appeal to Consumer Protection Board or Harju County Court.