Campaign terms

  1. Campaign Period

    1. The 99EUR Campaign of MySpotit lasts from 5.05.2020 until 30.06.2020.
 The natural or legal persons, who have purchased a monthly pass of 99 EUR during the given period, can use the pass up to 3 months (90 days) as of the purchase.
    2. When purchasing a monthly ticket for the first time the price is 129 euros (includes vat 20%) from 1.07.
  2. Campaign and Monthly Ticket Offer

    1. To qualify for the campaign offer, you have the possibility to purchase a monthly pass worth 99EUR, which provides one person a chance to work in different office spaces offered on the campaign webpage ( by MySpotit.
    2. When purchasing a monthly ticket for the first time the price is 129 euros (includes vat 20%) from 1.07.
    3. The purchaser of the monthly pass will be contacted during working days within 24 hours to find the suitable office spaces for the next 30 days.
    4. After the transaction, the purchaser of the monthly pass has the chance to book different office spaces offered on the page at their discretion, making a booking to the following e-mail address
    5. The purchaser has the chance to buy a monthly pass for several natural or legal persons at once.
    6. The booking of office spaces is based on the principle “until places left”, meaning that in case of a 100% occupancy rate of Myspotit’s spaces, MySpotit shall not guarantee its availability for the requested date by the customer.
    7. All the information on the furnishings and access to the spaces shall be provided separately to the Customer by Myspotit’s customer support either via e-mail or telephone.
    8. The next day's reservation must be notified in advance no later than 4PM of the previous working day.
    9. For the trial day, the room can be booked no later than 4 pm at previous working day.
  3. Payments, Settlement of Accounts, and Order Cancellation

    1. To purchase a monthly pass, the purchaser shall enter his or her credit card details.
If the purchaser prefers to get a monthly invoice to a company, he or she shall inform about such a request after making the purchase.
    2. After order confirmation, the first monthly payment shall be booked immediately, and every following payment shall be booked on the same day of each following month.
    3. The payments are not subject to refund.
    4. The holder of the monthly pass has the chance to cancel the order at any moment of time by sending a respective request to Upon order cancellation, the following monthly fee shall not be requested.
  4. Additional Expenses

    1. Myspotit’s monthly pass provides access to various office spaces on the page. Different office spaces may provide additional services based on their own pricelist.
    2. For an extra fee, the holder of the monthly pass has a chance to book the office spaces offered on the webpage with a 5% discount.
    3. Before making the purchase, the purchaser shall confirm that he or she has read the Conditions of Payment and Use of the campaign.
    4. Spotit OÜ has the right to amend the Campaign Conditions at any time and the obligation to inform a customer, who has already made a purchase, 5 working days before the amendment.